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Chesapeake: The Passion Restaurant

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Shrimp and Grits at Passion Restaurant Shrimp and Grits at Passion Restaurant by Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Located in the Greenbriar area of Chesapeake is Passion Restaurant providing fine dining by Chef Garrett Barner.  Do not be deceived by the location inShe_Crab_Soup_small the strip-mall.  Fine Dining is happening here.  Many restaurants are guarded about table clothes, putting glass covers over them.  At Passion the table linens are completely exposed just fine dining would dictate.  

As for cuisine, it is a delight.  For starters, the she-crab soup is fabulous with its large lumps of truffle oil infused crab meat.  The presentation almost humorously clever yet elegant with its crab claws placed as a star attraction in the soup.

Next up was the Carolina shrimp wrapped in a proscuitto ham with cheddar grits complimented with a bourbon sauce.  This dish was too salty for me but I had discussion with one of the regular customers who repeatedly orders this dish because it reminds her of good ole' southern comfort food. 

The New Zealand Rack of Lamb was the clear winner of the night complimented with crisp broccolini and asparagus.  The innovative touch of pretzel crust helps to make a dish which is hard to put your fork down.


The lineup of desserts such as homemade ice creams, white chocolate breading pudding and the layered chocolate cake covered in Ganache, strawberry and Chocolate truffles. The White Chocolate bread pudding is divine and moist.  The homemade vanilla, chocolate and fuzzy navel ice cream are delectable.  Personally, I do not tend to enjoy chocolate ice cream but I would sure order this offering of chocolate ice cream.  The fuzzy navel is extremely tasty but it lacked the punch of the flavor that it is supposed to depict.  

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