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Norfolk, VA: Freemason Abbey and Restaurant

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Located in the downtown area of Norfolk, the Freemason Abbey was built and dedicated as a church in 1873. Over the years, this location has changed hands of ownership eventually becoming a restaurant in 1988. This a a unique place with the architectural structure of a church and rustic decor. There are quite a few treats on the menu so look for the extended review for more details.

 She Crab Soup is popular in Virginia;however, Charleston South Carolina has bragging rights for the origin of She Crab Soup. Scottish settlers in the Charleston area brought various types of bisques to the area. She Crab Soup is a creamy crab soup with a spicy yet mild kick. White pepper is often a component of the recipe. It is a winner at the Freemason Abbey restaurant and can be ordered as a cup or in a crock size. Another sensational pre-dinner artichoke_dip_smallchoice is the artichoke dip as an appetizer. It is a marvelous combination of bacon shallots and artichoke hearts.

Moving on to dinner, my dining companions and I order three different dishes. Of the three dishes ordered(Seafood Platter/Chicken Picatta) for the main course, the roast prime rib Aus Jus hands down was deemed the best of the dishes. The Midwestern beef is slowly roasted and served with hearty mashed potatoes and string beans with almond shavings. I ordered the seafood platter but I was not terribly impressed. The crab-cake was very good and fresh tasting. The scallops and shrimp were over cooked. The good news about the fish that is was tender:however, the flavor was bland.

As forApricot_bread_pudding dessert, there is in an outstanding apricot bread pudding drunk with brandy sauce and smatterings of raisin. The deep dark chocolate Black Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting is quite a impressive cake. It is moist and rich with flavor.

*On Friday's different wild game such as ostrich, bear or deer are on the menu.





Location: 209 W. Freemason St.

Norfolk, VA 23510

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