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Norfolk, VA: Doumars

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Doumars is a classic restaurant, a part of historical landscape of Virginia. Abe Doumar came from Damascus, Syria; and created the first ice cream cone at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. One evening he purchased a waffle from a nearby vendor, rolled it into a cone and topped it with ice cream.

His brother George Doumar, opened a drive-in at the present site, in 1934, since a hurricane of 1933 damaged the Ocean View site.

In nice weather you may see a member of the Doumar family out on the curb using the  historic cone machine. They also grind our own hamburger, and make fresh limeades to order.  The limeade is one of the most popular items along with their thick shakes.  The banana was delicious.  The burgers old the old fashion thin pattie and chopped barbecue is also on the menu.  After visiting the restaurant, I learned that my 90 year old grandmother use to work there in the early days.

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