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Greece: The History of Souvlaki

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Souvlaki is Greek, no dought about that. It first made its appearance in ancient Greece, as proved by a recipe from that time. The dish was called "kandaulos" and combined grilled meat, pita, cheese and dill. Many centuries later street vendors were selling souvlakia with pita in Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium.


The first souvlaki restaurants in Greece appeared in Livadia in 1951, selling souvlakia on a stick and gyros.

Today souvlaki is available in souvlaki shops and restaurants in every Greek town and city. You can order it as a takeaway and of course you'll always find it sold at canteens at street markets, on the beach or by the side of the road. At every festival there's at least one vendor filling the air with the delicious smell of char-grilled souvlaki. READ MORE

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