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South Indian: Milk Appam Recipe

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Milk Appam is a South Indian breakfast food made from rice flour and coconut. Appam, Aappam (Tamil: அப்பம்,ஆப்பம், Malayalam: അപ്പം, pronounced [apːam]), or hoppers, are a type of food in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lankan cuisine. It is called chitau(ଚିତାଉ)Pitha in Oriya, Paddu or Gulle Eriyappa in Kodava and Appam in Telugu. It is known as Appa in Sinhala. It is eaten most frequently for breakfast or dinner.


Ingredients for Milk Appam:

* 1 cup Rice flour
* 1/2 cup grated coconut
* 50g sugar
* 1 pinch salt
* 3 cardomom
* oil for frying

Directions for making Milk Appam:

1. Grind coconut and take the milk.
2. Heat 1 cup of water and when it comes to boil, add the rice flour to make a paste.
3. To this, add the coconut milk, sugar, salt and cardomom and mix to the consistency of Dosai batter.
4. With a spoon, pour one by one in oil and fry.
5. Turn it over in oil until it is fully cooked.
6. Enjoy your Milk Appam. Hope you love this Indian recipe.

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