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Kelly Clarkson A Model American Girl

Written by Crystal Johnson
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Kelly Clarkson has the distinct privilege to be the very first American Idol. The singer lived up to the hype with a voice that blows everyone away. The Grammy-Award-winning artists' life is the fulfillment of the American dream— rising from financially humble means to go on to super stardom.  

Clarkson was born and reared in Texas. Her mother is Greek and info about the other part of her ethnicity is conflicting.  Some sources state she is half Irish while others state that she is half English, but one thing is certain—Ms. Clarkson is an American gal!   


Media outlets love to go on and on about Clarkson's battle of the bulge, but MCCN views her as a model of a healthy image. Why? The reason is because Clarkson does not allow herself to be defined by her weight.  That is a very healthy way of thinking for girls as well as women.


Clarkson has always insisted that she doesn't diet or curtail her eating to please critics. Nevertheless, the star of the new singing competition show, Duets, is noticeably fitter and trimmer than she's been in months, and there is nothing wrong with that.  

 "I'm never trying to lose weight -- or gain it," she told Self in 2009. "I'm just being."


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