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Remembering Elizabeth Taylor

Written by Crystal Johnson
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On March 23, 2011 the famed and beautiful actress Elizabeth Taylor died after a battle with congestive heart failure.  The Brittish actress is of English, Irish, Welsch, Swiss and Dutch descent was known for her striking beauty from her piercing eyes to contrasting dark hair.  In fact she was so beautiful, she became the known taking on the iconic role of Cleopatra.


Her death comes almost two years after her good friend Michael Jackson's death.  In an Eonline report, Tito Jackson said of the family friend, "Elizabeth Taylor was in impactful person in this industry and on society as a whole. I specifically admire her charitable efforts including bringing early awareness to HIV/AIDS. Most memorable is her steadfast loyalty and unwavering friendship to my late brother Michael Jackson. Liz provided a sense of relief and comfort to my brother at various difficult times in his life, and I appreciate that, may she rest in peace."

Elizabeth Taylor leaves the earth as one of Hollywood's biggest stars ever to walk the planet.  Among her notable film are Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

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