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Opening a Cupcake Shop : Brooklyn Cupcakes

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On a Thursday afternoon in late September, I had the pleasure of making thebrooklyn_cupcake_small acquaintance of two sisters, Kat and Carmen Rodriguez owners a cupcake company called Brooklyn Cupcakes.  These ladies hail from Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.  They kid that they were born there before it was a trendy part of town.  What is unique about these curly raven haired ladies is their mixed heritage of Puerto Rican and Italian and they bring these culture to life in your mouth with their cupcakes.  The doors to the physical store open in November but they do take catering orders.  On the menu are delight such as Flan de queso, Dulce de leche, Guava con queso, and Key lime which reflect their Latin heritage and there is amazing Tri-color cake( my personal favorite thus far) which represent the Italian heritage.  This cupcake is visual stunner and truly tri colored.  A fun offering of the company is the opportunity to come up with your own idea such as an Apple Spice cupcake or whatever else comes to mind. 


Their story in their words:

This was a first for us. The name Brooklyn Cupcake came about because we were born and raised in Williamsburg. The transformation that has taken place in this neighborhood is incredible and we always knew the potential of Williamsburg. This is home for us and Brooklyn is dear to our hearts it has turned out other legends like Peter Luger, Pies and thighs, Junior's Cheesecake. So we thought it was appropriate to make sure that our first location was here honoring our Latin and Italian heritage. Not to mention the nostalgia associated with the Brooklyn name. I once read some where that " Brooklyn was one time the 6th largest city in the United States and ... and one out of every seven Americans can trace their roots back to Brooklyn. Where working on shipping to the 48 states.

 My mother lost her job and shortly I followed. With so much competition in the market we both thought what would we do next. My mom is a breast cancer survivor with limited movement to one of her arms a complication from the surgery. She was really down with the age factor and now this handicap .... My sister and I have been blessed to work for some of the same companies but in different departments. Gina has always been finance and operations. While I on the other hand have extensive sales, marketing and customer service experience. Simply put we compliments each other. Some one approached me to be an investor and a store wasn't not even a thought. Then a second approach came and then my mom and sister approached me and said we have X amount of dollars can we open up a cupcake cafe. I am feeling really good about this and my BC people are extremely supportive.

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