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New York Vendy Award Winners 2010(Street Food)

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The Vendy Awards are the must "to do" event in New York annually.  If you want to small_I_love_culturetaste New York while tasting a wide variety international flavor then plan to buy a ticket to the Vendy Awards next year.  This year's  New York Vendy Award experience included traveling the waters to Governor's Island. The short ferry ride has a view of the Statue of Liberty, the entry-way of millions of immigrants into the US once upon a time.

Impressive foods included the 99% Vegetarian truck's scrambled eggs, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Wasabi dusted soft serve ice, Venezuelan foods including tres leches and an impressive spread by Austrian American food truck, Schnitzels and Things(fried veal, roased beets with feta).



And the Winner is... 

The Vendy Awards has a king! It's Freddy Zeidaies the King of Falafel who won the highly coveted Vendy Cup today at the 6th annual Vendy Awards, sponsored by The Street Vendor Project at the Urban Justice Center. More than 1,000 savvy street foodies came to Governor's Island for this year's intense grill-to-grill cook-off to determine New York's top street chef. Categories this year included the Vendy Cup, Rookie of the year, Best Dessert, and the Peoples Taste Award, the last three selected through audience votes.


And The 2010 Vendy Award Winners are:

  • Vendy Cup: Freddy Zeidaies , King of Falafel 
  • Rookie of the Year: Kostas Plagos and Pavlos Sierros, Souvlaki Truck 
  • Best Dessert: Alex Rein, KELVIN NATURAL SLUSH CO 
  • People's Taste Award: KING OF FALAFEL" Freddy Zeidaies 

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