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Manhattan: Pure Food and Wine

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In an interview with KaDee Strickland of the hit show Private Practice, she admitted to MCCN that Pure Food and Wine is a place for a few of her food indulgences when it comes to dessert.  She confessed that is raw which she doesn't normally like. kadee-strickland-pic

According to the website of Pure Food and Wine, they opened their doors in June of 2004 in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of Manhattan. Back then, not so many people knew the term "raw food" as a style of cuisine. Pure Food and Wine's raw vegan menu is entirely plant based and does not use any processed ingredients. Nothing is heated above approximately 118 degrees in order to preserve vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Everyone always imagines a menu of just salads, but it's much more than that.


Pure Food and Wine's menu of raw vegetable concoctions may make this the Big Apple's most unusual restaurant—as well as one of its best." –Forbes December 2008



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