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Buffalo, NY: Charlie the Butcher

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Buffalo, NY: Charlie the Butcher Photo by Dave Miller

Buffalo is also the home of a marvelous sandwich known locally as "Beef on a Charlie_the_ButcherWeck." Weck is short for a Kummelweck roll. It's a little variation of the french roll and comes topped with caraway seeds and kosher salt. Add a pile of roast beef, horseradish, and a pickle and you've got it. Beef on a Weck.


We went to a place called Charlie the Butcher for ours. It is completely worth the trip, in my opinion, delivering a much better sandwich than the classic french dip from Philippe's in Los Angeles. And since the roll is a little smaller, you can get two sandwiches and experience daily special from Charlie.

Excerpts from Dave Miller's Blog

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