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Burbank, CA: Market City Caffe

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Burbank, CA: Market City Caffe Photo Credit- Nicole from Yelp!

For the upcoming month we travel around the world in comfort food tasting. Market City Caffe strikes a balance between upscale offerings in Italian Cuisine and Italian comfort cuisine. From Appetizers to dessert, they offer classics. If your dining companion happens to have more adventurous taste then there are a multitude of choices as well. The waiter brings out the classic black menu chalkboard and goes over select items with us.


We order the bruschetta, fried calamari and the house favorite of pancetta shrimp for appetizers. I was dying to try the prosciutto and melon; however, my dining partner does not eat pork so we order two of three appetizers without pork. Despite its reputation, pork is still one of the most commonly eaten foods in the world. The pancetta shrimp is worthy of being among the house favorite. Yes, it has a salty flavor but I contributes to the seasoning of the shrimp. Pancetta is a dried cured meat. It is pork belly that is salt cured and spiced (nutmeg, pepper, fennel, dried ground hot peppers and garlic). The bruschetta dish at Market City Caffe is a soft bread topped with smoked mozzarella and crowned with Roma tomatoes marinated in a balsamic vinegar. The calamari is a balanced combination of rings and tentacles. Calamari can be hit or miss at restaurants because it can be too chewy but these we tender. READ MORE

Where: 164 E Palm Ave
Burbank, CA 91502
Neighborhood: Burbank
(818) 840-703

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