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Best Los Angeles Gourmet Food Trucks

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Long Board Ice Cream Truck Long Board Ice Cream Truck Photo Credit: Multi Cultural Cooking Network

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Summertime Los Angeles Street Food Festival.  Gourmet Food Trucks have become all the rave in Los Angeles.  This festival is so large that it was held at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.  Given the turnout, there are sure to be more of these events.  Suggestion: Get there early and plan on making it a long evening.  The lines for some of the most popular trucks get long and if your patience is short it will annoy you.  Here are a few short reviews to chew on and wet your appetite.  If you know the name of the truck you can often find out on Twitter where they are likely to stop and serve. 

Dogzilla-  This Japanese hot dog truck is making a name for itself.  It is a monster of a dog bursting with flavor.  I tried the Yakisoba, a slight spicy dog topped with soba noodles.  This hot dog deserves the buzz.


Longboard:  The truck is eye-catching with its longboard on top but what are they serving up?  Long decadent ice cream pops.  Like its name, it means that it has a lot going on including pretzels and chocolate.  Having a preference for anything with Oreos and ice cream, I opted for what they call the Big- Oh.  It is scrumptious.


Cemitas & Clayudas - Ironically, they were not offering cemitas o clayudas.  However, the tamales served were top of the line goodness.  This company is not a newbie so I defer to a review I found at the LA Eastside blog(click here) with fabulous up close and personal photos.

And the winner is...

Sedthee Thai Food - They were my favorite and the judges at the cook off thought so too including Susan Feniger of Food Network.  I love spicy food. However, often it is hard to strike a balance where the spice does not over power the other flavors. Sedthee Thai blended spicy masterfully, exemplifying gourmet flare.  The presentation was not compromised and service was fast. This company did things with style changing the menu every hour.  I tried the "Properous Bay" which is Thai spiced pork ribs topped with a red garlic sauce, complimented with greens drizzled with lemongrass dressing.  Maybe there is hope that when you visit the truck you will get the best of both worlds too.


Here are the judges picks:

  • Best Nouveau – Sedthee Thai's Pork Sparerib
  • Runner Up – Manila Machine's
  • Best Old School – Chef Robert Dahni's Explosive Thai Bites
  • Runner Up – Tamales Elena
  • The Sweet Tooth – Munchie Machine's PB&J S'Mores
  • Runner Up – Scoops Westside & Vintage Longboards
  • Best in Show – Mariscos Jalisco's Shrimp Tacos
  • Best Original Showmanship – Starry Kitchen's Crispy Tofu Balls

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    Where is the greasy wiener and the shrimp pimp truck?

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    After the American Civil War the people need to move towards westward. this result that people used to stay on road & used to feed their family & cattle. in such way the concept on food truck is stared & now become the part of our day to day life. I love to have my breakfast on the food truck just in front of my office.

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