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Los Angeles: Senor Fish

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Senor Fish in Los Angeles, CA. Senor Fish in Los Angeles, CA.

 Fresh, fresh, fresh. Here at Senor Fish, everything is fresh. When you think of Mexican food, you immediately think carne asada tacos, bean and cheese burritos, chicken quesadillas, and al pastor sopes. But here at Senor Fish try its namesake and experience good comfort food at its freshest.


Not to say that their meat items aren't good, not at all. But when you go to this place, you need to experience what it's famous for: its amazing, delicious seafood.

The ceviche tostada was filled with a cornucopia of fresh ocotpus, fish, and squid. It was fresh and the...(To read more click here.)


Article by Lia Reconsal

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