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Sherman Oaks, CA: Oliva

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Sherman Oaks, CA: Oliva MCCN
On Van Nuys Boulevard, just before you hit Ventura Blvd is Oliva Trattoria.   It is a nice restaurant which has expanded in size over the years. The walls and lighting are bright. The waitstaff is friendly and attentive. On a Tuesday night, I went with a group of six women so there is much to tell about the food. Our forks dug into one another’s cuisine. 
For starters, a flat bread is brought out with bruschetta and we order calamari. I found the bruschetta to be less than extraordinary but not bad.  The chunks of tomato were rather large. The calamari earns high marks in my book. Fried calamari can go so wrong. However, at Oliva we could not get enough of the tender rings. seafood-dish_small
Dinners orders included choppino, gnocchi with beef brisket, gnocchi with pesto and a seafood pasta with lobster. My order was the classic Italian comfort food of gnocchi, a homemade potato dumpling. The gnocchi was cooked with meat ragout. It is very good and the brisket was incredibly tender. The winning entrée of the night was a seafood pasta special with lobster and shrimp. This dish had spice and kick of wine in the sauce. Read More
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