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Burbank: Hill Street Cafe

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Hill Street Cafe is on the northern part of Glen Oaks Blvd just before you say goodbye to Burbank yet  this is a restaurant where families should say Hello.  The menu has a wide variety of choice that please any picky kid.  And I couldn't help but think that this is the type of spot where I would bring my 89 year old grandmother.  The place screams family friendly.  My guest remarks, "the place looks like a former Denny's".  Don't hold the architecture against the place, you will be coming for the food.    


There is also humor to the menu with items such as Chile Spaghetti, pot roast sandwich and listing of various cobbler which rival Bubba's list of Shrimp from Forest Gump.  My dining companion and I start with the sampler from the appetizer menu.  It includes hearty large onion rings, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and fried zucchini.  If you are a fried food lover you will probably enjoy this.  However, the flavor is rather bland.  There seems to be an absence of salt.  Hill Street Cafe seems to have a senior citizen crowd.  Thus, they may be mindful salt. I also order the chile fries, classic diner fair.  This reminds of the chile fries I use to eat at popular comfort food spot called Cafe Hon in Baltimore, Maryland by way of Hamden.  Onion and cheese can be added to the order.  Read More

Atmosphere: Casual, Depending on time of day the crowd consists of seniors, families, Woodbery College students

Best Menu Item: Pot Roast


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