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Chicago: Basil Thai Restaurant

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Chicago: Basil Thai Restaurant Photo by Kristin Cho

Basil Thai is a Thai restaurant located on 701 South Gregory Street in Urbana. They are open for business everyday from 11:00am-9:30pm, and it is one of the only Thai restaurants within walking distance from the University of Illinois main campus. Hence, this is a popular place for students during lunch and dinner hours.


If you go to Basil Thai during the prime time for lunch or dinner, you are bound to have to wait in line. However, the line moves along rather fast, and the service is very quick. The people working there, sometimes including the cashier, are not native English speakers, so they may not understand you at times, so get ready to be patient. However, they get the lines moving rather fast and the food comes out fairly quick. READ MORE

Kristin Cho

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