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Yamashiro Garden Market

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Yamashiro's Garden Market Yamashiro's Garden Market by MCCN

The Yamashiro Garden Market happening every Thursday in Hollywood between the hours of 5PM to 9PM is a one stop entry way to a world of culture.  The chic garden market has a farmer’s market section, German sandwiches hot off the grille, the Australian coffee, Asian Fusion tacos, Italian gelatos, oyster shucking, wine tasting, jazz musician, and a gorgeous view of Los Angeles.

The pros outweigh the cons so let us start with main con and why.  There is not an extensive selection of produce but in all fairness the market just started a few weeks ago so the outlook for the future should be promising to attract more vendors.  On to the pros, the food is top notch.  Do not underestimate “The Bestshowing_meat of the Wurst” stand.  The food is extremely tasty.  Complimenting the Australian Coffee vendor, Longshot is are delectable bites that are a must to try especially the nirvana treat.  Imagine an adult rice krispie treat made with peanut butter and chocolate.   Next door to Longshots are scrumptious choices of gelato including pear and goats milk.

See Video: Wine Tasting at Yamashiro Garden Market

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